About LEED

LEED -- Leadership Energy Environmental Design -- developed in March 2000 by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), provides a framework for building owners and operators to implement green building development.

Why LEED ?

LEED is a guideline to help building owners and design teams determine and achieve green project goals. It is based on a point system that takes into account all aspects of a buildings impact on the environment. This certification refers to a green building and not individual products.

Why R&D Technical Solutions Ltd.?

R&D Technical Solutions Ltd. are leaders in epoxy walls and floors. R&D works with their customers by offering Green Initiative products to help your company receive LEED points in Materials and Resources, as well as Indoor Environmental Quality categories so you can achieve LEED certification.

How Can R&D

R&D can help you in becoming LEED Certified by working with you to acquire points in the following areas:

1. Material & Resources
  • MR Credit 1 – Building Reuse

    Maintain Existing Interior Non-Structural Elements: R&D flooring systems can be used to re-fresh an existing building and lessen the need for new facilities.

  • MR Credit 2 – Construction Waste Management

    Establish Goals For Diversion From Disposal in Landfills: Through R&D’s unique packaging we are able to minimize metal can waste and recyclable packaging and reduce up to 85% of your waste disposal.

2. Indoor Environmental Quality
  • EQ Credit 4.2 – Low Emitting Materials

    Paints and Coatings: To meet or exceed VOC requirements for floor coatings, contact R&D for a full line-up of our products available for your next development or project.

R&D Products – LEED qualification
Kelmar, EMBE and Merdek systems from R & D

  • Primers

    – Dualox water based epoxy - Low VOC
    – Monobond – Very Low VOC

  • Membranes

    – NEO V Water-based Neoprene latex
    – Merdek membrane high solids epoxy

  • Wear Courses

    Kelmar FWC – high solids epoxy
    – Kelmar T.E. – high solids coal tar epoxy
    – Merdek wear course – high solids epoxy

  • Top Coats

    – 1910 Coating water based Acrylic coating
    – Merdek top coat

  • Other

    – All metal containers completely recycled
    – Reclaimed Rubber used in Merdek R
    – Organic compounds used in formulations as hardeners.

In The End:

R&D Technical Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to helping our customers get closer to being LEED certified.

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